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Congregational Team Leader

It is with pleasure that the Heritage Congregation Leadership Team announces our vacancy for a Congregational Team Leader.  Please find the job description attached, and note that this was generated as a result of our recent strategic planning process and approved unanimously by members.  In the first instance, we are seeking applications from within the KIC Community: we are a unique multi-national & multi-denominational congregation and would therefore like to prioritise applications from people who know us and understand our nature. We intend to assess applicants via 360-degree feedback gathered from members of the congregation they attend; this will allow us to generate a training & development plan for any successful candidate.  Candidates with leadership/pastoral potential, who are not yet fully qualified, are therefore encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should submit the following to the Heritage Congregation Leadership Team at before 5pm on Wednesday 8th May:

  1. Letter of application describing the reasons for your interest in the position
  2. Curriculum vitae describing relevant experience & qualifications

We look forward to hearing from you.

Job Description

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